Special Materials

Classes revolve around a single raw material. We explore its facets and then compare to materials that have similar facets forming ‘bridges‘ between them. These accords can be the building blocks to creating perfumes. Famous accords in fabulous perfumes will be sampled to deepen an understanding of how these materials work together and within a scent.

A good part of the session is devoted to blending with the focus on creating accords that center on the material of study. It is exciting, exploratory and fun!

Past classes have included:

Vanilla Absolutes from Madagascar (‘Bourbon’ vanilla) and Tahiti. An exploration of this key ingredient, found in almost every perfume.

Geranium Bourbon. The finest of the geranium oils, this is one of the most important essential oils in perfumery, creating a fresh, rosy, floral link.

Vintage Patchouli. A refined perfumery ingredient, found in many classic fragrances, it creates magical and surprising effects.

Rose Otto, a beautiful and irreplaceable ingredient, it is soft, fresh and rich, working harmoniously in the heart of a fragrance.

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